Less is a backwards-compatible language extension for CSS. It's quite easy start writing Less files, because it looks just like CSS. Less files are located in theme/less folder and all less files that don't have starting _(ex.: _variables.less) are being compiled into the public/css directory and assigned .css extension to a filename.


/* theme/less/_variables.less */
@primary: #728448;
@secondary: #49551c;


/* theme/less/main.less */
@import "_variables.less";

    color: @secondary;
  color: @primary;

Will be converted into:

/* public/css/main.css */
a {
  color: #728448;
a:hover {
  color: #49551c;

Note: That no public/_variables.css is generated because the file starts with _ sign.

To learn more about LESS visit http://lesscss.org/.