Quick start

Assuming you have a Github Account.

Step 1: Install NodeJS

Step 2: Fork one of the repositories below:

Step 2.1: Single Language Website | Multi-Language Website

Step 3: Clone it and navigate to that directory

Step 4: run commands below

npm i
npm run dev

Step 5: Navigate to

Hurray you are running current website locally! Now let's make some changes.

Step 6: Update current website the way you want.

You can learn more about CMintS here

Publishing to Github Pages

Step 1: Run command below

npm run deploy

Step 2: You are done :) View deployment!

Publishing to Netlify

Step 1: Signup for Netlify

Step 2: New site from Git

Step 3: Connect to Github

Step 4: Select repository

Step 5: Deploy

Step 6: View website