Front Matter

Front Matter is a powerful tool that allows pages to define metadata in the YAML format, metadata defined in page can be used by the theme and accessed through page variable. Considering metadata defined below:

title: Front Matter
navTitleId: Front Matter
showDocNav: true

You can now use page metadata to adjust theme and page accordingly:

<title><%= page.title %></title>
<h1><%= page.title %></h1>
<%if (page.showDocNav) { %>
  <% include partials/docNav %>
<% } %>

Permalink variable can be used to change the URL of the page, the permalink path will be used to access the page even if you move it's the location in the pages directory.

title: First post
permalink: 2018/10/20/first-post

My first post

The page in the example above will be accessible through 2018/10/20/first-post url. If the page is translated leading locale can be used, ex.: de/2018/10/20/first-post.