├── layouts
│   ├── partials
│   │   ├── footer.ejs
│   │   └── header.ejs  
│   ├── default.ejs
│   └── home.ejs
├── less
│   ├── _footer.less
│   ├── _header.less
│   ├── _sidebars.less
│   ├── _variables.less
│   ├── index.less
│   └── main.less
└── js
    ├── _contextMenu.js
    └── main.js

theme directory is the place where website layout and less files reside. CMintS uses EJS as a templating language and LESS as a CSS Preprocessor.


layouts folder holds different layouts for the website, in some cases you would like to use diffrent layouts for specific pages, ex.: Homepage may contain more complex layout rather than the documentations page and Blog page can have a different layout in same website, for that reason you can define layout for each page type and select them from actual page using Front Matter. By default the layout named default.ejs from layouts folder is used. In the example below home.ejs layout is used for the page:

layout: home
title: CMS with the internationalization done right

# Homepage
This page is using home.ejs layout


.less files inside of the "less" directory are being processed into the "public/css" directory, only filenames starting with "_" are not compiled into the target directory, but yet they can be used by other less files.


.js files inside of the js directory are Node.js-style modules that allows making theme functionality modular. Learn more about js folder.